Digital Pen e-teacher AK-400

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Product details of Digital Pen e-teacher AK-400

  • Help individuals with recitations
  • Reading
  • Learning and understanding of Holy Quran.
  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: AK splendid assisting device with various features to help individuals with recitations, reading, learning and understanding of Holy Quran.
    MEMORIZATION: Now memorization gets easier. Start memorizing verse by repetition of same verse.
    RECORD: Record in your own voice so that you can hear your pronunciation and learn to make it better.
    RULES OF RECITING: Decrease the chance of mistakes through learning a proper way of reciting.
    QIRR’AT: Decrease the chance of mistakes through learning a proper way of reciting.
    VOLUME CONTROL: Easiest way of controlling volume by simply touching bars at volume panel.
    IMAM VOICE Sheikh Al-Sudais, Sheikh Al-Shuraim, Sheikh Al-Ajami, Sheikh Al-Ghamidi, Sheikh Abdul Basit, Sheikh Al-Minshawi, Sheikh Mahir Al Mueaqly, Mehmood Khalil Al-Hussary, Sheikh Al-Affasi, Sheikh Al-Huzzafi
    LANGUAGES English, Urdu, Pashto, Farsi/Persian, Deutsch, Deutsch, French, Malaysian, Kurdish, Indonesian, Uzbek, Turkish
    BOOK: Noorani Qaida (HijjykeSath), AsanNamaz, Sahih Bukhari, 40 hadith, Talking Dictionary
    CARDS: Pocket Quran, Emaniyat, AsanNamaz, AsanWazu, 40 Hadith, MasnoonDuaen, Ahkam e Tajweed, Sunnatain, Seerat e Nabvi, Respect of Parents, Prayers of Hajj, Prayers of Umrah
    PACKAGE DETAILS: Pen Charger, Downloading / Charging Cable, Audionic Woofer Handsfree, Nack Ribbon, DanyWarrany Card, User Manual Guide

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