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Hearing Aid Batteries

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Hearing Aid Batteries in Pakistan

35% OFF! Hearing Aid Batteries 312 Replaces Duracell - UL312 RS 650RS

46% OFF! Hearing Aid Batteries UL10HA Replaces Duracell - DA230 RS 650

Hearing aid batteries are sophisticated devices that are made from zinc and come up with a tiny processor that requires a fair amount of electric power. The life span of hearing aid batteries depends upon the capacity and how long the hearing device is worn. The best thing about these hearing batteries is that they produce a beep sound whenever the battery is running low. These largest hearing aid batteries are long-lasting and are mostly fit on large hearing devices whereas the small hearing aid battery is well suited for small hearing devices that are used within a short span of time. The large 365 comes in the blue packing, the size 312 comes in brown packing, and the size 13 comes in the pack of orange color whereas last but not least the smallest size 10 comes in the packing of yellow.

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