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Bluetooth Speakers

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Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers in Pakistan

  • 54% OFF! Bluedio T2S Headset - Black- RS 3,000
  • 22% OFF! Lenovo Bluetooth Headphone with Dual Speakers 2 in 1- RS 7,500
  • 10% OFF! Audionic B-25 LED TV Headphone- RS 3,600
  • 10% OFF! Audionic B-26 LED TV Headphone -RS 3,600
  • 19% OFF! Audionic B-333 Blue Beats Bluetooth Headphone- RS 2,150
  • 19% OFF! Audionic B-334 Blue Beats Bluetooth Headphone- RS 2,150
  • 38% OFF! Audionic C3 Combo Headphone- RS 1,250
  • 44% OFF! Audionic DJ-103 HI-FI Headphone With Mic & Volume Control- RS 850
  • 40% OFF! Audionic On-Ear AH-40 Headphone- RS 900
  • 15% OFF! Lenovo HD100 BT Black Headphone- RS 4,200
  • 17% OFF! Lenovo HD200 BT Black Headphone- RS 4,600
  • 20% OFF! Riversong Rhythm L Foldable Wireless Headphone (EA33)- RS 4,000
  • 17% OFF! Riversong Rhythm S Wireless Bluetooth Headphone (EA56)- RS 5,000
  • 10% OFF! Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Black- RS 6,799
  • 12% OFF! UUD Headphone With External Speakers And Extra Ordinary Bass Wireless Bluetooth Foldable Handset -RS 5,500


Bluetooth speakers help you to create a cinematic vibe to your living room, drawing room, tv lounge, or any other living space. Wired speakers in this generation gave, are not worthy. Get rid of all wires and cables by replacing your ordinary speaker with high-quality wireless speakers and enjoy playing songs with loud and clear music.  We have a wide range of versatile and high-quality speakers that are easy to install and maintain.

We are elite in proving high power rechargeable Bluetooth speakers with perfect sound quality that are compatible with mobile, smart tv laptops and tablets. The wireless speakers are easy to carry and can easily be placed in your car, room, offices, or any other living space.

Portable wireless speakers are light in weight and are easy to carry from place to place without any effort. These speakers are easy to install and can be used easily with any device. We are excellent at providing the best and high-quality Bluetooth speakers all over Pakistan. We are currently offering our nation-wise shipping services in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, and all over Pakistan.


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Bluetooth Speakers in Pakistan

Low-price Bluetooth speakers in Pakistan

Rechargeable wireless Bluetooth speakers in Pakistan

Portable Bluetooth speakers in Pakistan

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