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  • 11% OFF! Lenovo NeckBand BT Earphone QE63

Lenovo NeckBand BT Earphone QE63

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Lenovo QE63 handsfree series are  designed in the phone and are angled and have silicone series to be easily placed inside the ear and used, and also designed exactly based on the ergonomics of the ear so that the user in the most comfortable position He may listen to music. The angular design of these phones makes the earphones fit better in the ear so that you can use them more safely and do not worry about them falling out of the ear.

On the body of the QE63 handsfree  there is a control part which includes 3 physical keys and their task is to change the music and volume, call management and play and pause  the song from this part without the need for a play source (for Example: The phone itself) is done. One of the points where you can see the accuracy of Lenovo is the two series of tel of this product, because a thicker plastic part is placed on both ends to maintain the balance of this product and the symmetrical shape of the handsfree helps to You can use it without moving the handsfree to one side.

One of the concerns today is the theft of a mobile phone while talking, with which you can safely enjoy a pleasant conversation while the phone is in your pocket. The design of this handsfree uses an HD microphone, which makes the user experience a clear and noise-free conversation and enjoy a good quality for conversation.

The Lenovo QE63 Neckband Bluetooth Handsfree  has an internal battery with a capacity of 80mAh, which allows you to listen to music or talk for about 5 hours. Of course, for these numbers, you should also keep in mind that this amount has been tested in laboratory conditions and may have a different number for you in reality and non-laboratory conditions; It also depends on the volume of the sound you are listening to.

The series of this product are magnetically designed and make it possible to connect the series when you do not need it, so that it stays well on your neck. The only way to connect to this handsfree is via Bluetooth and its Bluetooth version is version 5.0. The advantage of Bluetooth 5.0 over 4.2 is that it can have a more stable connection. It should also be added that if the device you are connecting to the handsfree also has Bluetooth version 5.0, the battery of the devices will be less.

The dimensions of this handsfree are 212 × 137 × 33 mm and it weighs 100 grams. The handsfree comes with a micro USB charging cable and comes with two pairs of silicone earphones in different sizes that make it much easier to use and will fit your ear.

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