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Walkie Talkie

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Walkie Talkie In Pakistan


  • 36% OFF! BAOFENG BF-888S Two Way Radio (Pair) Walkie Talkie RS 22,500.
  • 12% OFF! Motorola Walkie Talkie- RS 26,500.

A Walkie Talkie is still in trend because they are one of the most convenient devices for business-to-business communication. A walkie-talkie or handheld transceiver for radio communication. We offer a wide variety of two and four-channel talkie walkies at affordable and discounted rates. We have good quality walkie-talkies that are easy to install and maintain. These handheld transceivers are mainly used by agencies and police organizations for communicating with their officers conveniently without any interruption. The Antenna is a walkie-talkie is used to capture the radio magnetic signals for transmitting and receiving information.

 We have varieties of rechargeable and lightweight portable walkie talkie that are easy to carry. They work off signal so you don’t have to worry about internet connection because they use radio waves for transmitting and receiving information. Make your business-to-business communication secure by using high-quality walkie-talkie at an affordable price.

 We are elite in providing high-quality portable and rechargeable Walkie Talkie in Pakistan at affordable rates, we have the best BAOFENG BF-888S Two Way Radio. We are currently offering our nation-wise shipping services in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, and all over Pakistan.


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Low-price walkie talkie in Pakistan.

Rechargeable walkie talkie in Karachi.

Portable talkie walkie for traveling.

High Quality walkie talkie in Pakistan.


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